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Department of Meteorology

Brief Description of the organization

A Centre of Excellence in weather and climate related services to provide services pertaining to Meteorology, Aeronautical Meteorology, Ocean Meteorology, Hydro Meteorology, Agricultural Meteorology, Climatology and Astronomy to government agencies, private sector and the general public in keeping with national interest and international standards.

Data contributions

Meteorological and climatological services and data for national development and research purposes.Rainfall ,Temperature , Humidity , Rainfall maps, Wind ,Cloud amount, Visibility , Astronomical data

Role of SDI in their Business Process

Providing Rainfall, temperature maps (daily, monthly, yearly and average maps). Issuing spatial maps for planning and national projects.


Name(s): Mr. K H M Sarath Premalal ,Director General
Tel : +94 11 269 4846 / 11 269 4847 / 11 2681647
Fax : +94 11 269 8311