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Department of Agriculture (Finding Agricultural Information)

Decision support tool for finding Agricultural Information on a selected parcel/area using Neighbourhood and Proximity Analysis. Farmers will be able to get assistance from The Department of Agriculture, get recommendations for best suitable crops or the farmers will be able to get these decisions on their own. Further, climate forecast is also available through this tool.

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Department of Archaeology (Site Clearance Certificate Decision Support)

Permission of Department of Archaeology should be obtained for any infrastructure developments within the country. Site Clearance Certificate Decision Support tool will assist this process by analysing any selected parcel/ cadastral / Site location is falling within the restricted Archaeology boundary.

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Disaster Management (Consequence Area Analysis)

The tool Consequence Area Analysis could be used to identify/report impacted assets (both human and non-human) and disaster management facilities when a flood is forecasted. The inundation area will be calculated by a Disaster Management Officer using the meteorological information and floor models which will be an input to SDI geo-portal application.

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Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (Investor Insights)

The tool can be used for site suitability analysis to find the land parcels for establishing hotels, based on the given conditions which will aid site selection for investment. The most appropriate land is selected in Area of Interest (AOI) of user considering both GIS and non-GIS information.

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Urban Development Authority (Locating services to provide Building approvals)

The tool will assist the UDA / Local Authorities in issuing building approvals. This decision support tool will identify the nearby utilities and municipal service connections along with land use information once a user selects his/her Area of Interest (AOI).

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