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National Data Sharing Policy (Draft)

Benefits of Data Sharing


  • Enhanced efficiency in Government service delivery, improved policy development and decision-making through easy access to data collected and generated by various other government departments, ministries and agencies.
  • Strengthened agility and responsiveness of Sri Lankan government to meet changing needs, more efficient use of public funding through reduction in repetition of tasks associated with information management such as; collection, authentication, validation and storage and
  • Enhanced communication across government and related sectors.


  • Improved accountability and transparency for citizens, providing them with a better idea of how government manages their information and its business.
  • Easier public access to government services
  • Citizens‟ contact details can be updated by one department and shared with others, saving time in having to register in multiple locations for government services.


  • Enhanced business opportunities due to access to public data
  • More transparency into government functioning leading to economic reforms
  • Cost Optimization as same data shall not be collected and maintained at different places thereby increasing accuracy


This section of the SL NSDI Policy Framework contain the most recent version of the SL NSDI National Data Sharing Policy Framework document.

National Data Sharing Policy